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The founders

Passionate about the fascinating world of bees and the therapeutic powers of their treasures, we decided to decline our passion for the benefit of all.

We are pleased to offer you a range of bee products, seasonal honeys, royal jelly, cosmetic and wellness treatments, not forgetting mead.

The benefits of bee products are known and recognized, we invite you to browse, discover and enjoy.

Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you.

Florence & Cédric

Our story

Florence has been beekeeping for 20 years now, she has a widespread knowledge of all the various fields of beekeeping
She first focused on honey harvesting then got interested in the hive, its organized and synchronized architecture, where each inhabitant belonged and devote its life to the balance of the community
Since, she has never stopped to take care of her bees, and to approach them by discovering their treasures and secrets
She knows everything about propolis, royal jelly, pollen, beeswax, honey, venom and bee bread. After all these years of successful beekeeping Florence created Ruche & Flore, where all her products are created in accordance with the well-being of the bees, that is to say, without any sampling that could be disturb the magical balance of the hive.





































Apicultrice depuis près de vingt ans, Florence s’est frottée à toutes les spécialités de l’apiculture.
D’abord concentrée sur ses récoltes de miel, elle a ensuite exploré la vie de la ruche, découvert avec passion un univers organisé, synchronisé, oû chaque individu a sa place et consacre son existence à l’équilibre de la communauté.
Dès lors, elle n’a eu cesse de s’occuper du bien-être de ses colonies, et de se rapprocher de ses abeilles en allant à la découverte de leurs trésors.
Propolis, gelée royale, pollen, cire, miel, venin et pain d’abeilles n’ont plus de secret pour elle. C’est forte de toutes ces années de pratique que Florence a imaginé la gamme Ruche & Flore, produite dans le respect absolu des abeilles, c’est à dire qu’aucun des prélèvements effectués (miel, propolis, …) ne perturbe l’équilibre magique de la ruche.

Some figures

Eggs laid per day from the queen

Inhabitants of a hive every summer

Temperature within the hive

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